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For the unfair advantage your child deserves!

It is a huge responsibility being a parent. No matter if you are old, young, rich or poor, you have to give your children more than what you give yourself. This is the price that you have to pay if you decided to be a parent. Other than the basic necessities, education is the next most important thing that you have to consider giving to your children.

As the world becomes more advanced and competitive, we must all feed ourselves with the right information, else, we would become out dated. So are our children. Many parents especially those living in big cities push their children hard equipping them with information and skills so that they will not lose out in the future. This is where Early Education Hub plays an important role.
Early Education Hub is like LinkedIn of Early Education Industry in Malaysia. We provide information of all Early Education Providers in Malaysia. The users of this website could easily do their research on which education best suit their children's need, where is the nearest school, and what are there in the market for their children. This is the last stop of researching their children's education.

Besides commercial, we provide a lot of articles to parents on tips and advice of parenting. It is not an easy task to be a parent and it is even more challenging to be a good parent. We provide the knowledge on how to becoming a good parent, so that their children would become a good kid too. Before changing others, we have to change ourselves first, right?

Words from Founder and Co-Founder

Founder - Phillip Neoh

Hello, my name is Phillip Neoh. I am an internet entrepreneur. I was once a Private Secondary school teacher. During then, I learned a lot about being a parent. Why parent? Why not children as I was teaching the students? It is because I realized that most of the children who weren’t doing well in school, weren’t doing well in other fields as well. This led me to do research on what was going on and I realized that it is family upbringing that matters the most.

I always share thought throughout these years and I found out that parents are the key of developing their children to in becoming good people and this very much depends on the parent’s knowledge. Hence, this website is more about educating the parents rather than educating the children.

The reason I come out with www.EarlyEducationHub.com is because I heard my friends complaining there isn't a complete website that provide enough information for them to look for education for their children. As an internet marketer, I am always alert with “Problems” and now, EarlyEducationHub.com is the solution.

Last but not least, I hope that EarlyEducationHub.com provide you with what you need and together, let us change the society by not creating social problem which caused by family upbringing.

By - Phillip Neoh

Early Education Hub
For the unfair advantage your child deserves!

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